Mini holiday

The last couple of days we left the chickens in Geoff’s very capable hands whilst we went off on a local mini-break. With the pandemic cancelling our holiday in March, we felt overdue for an escape, even if it was for a couple of days. I managed to find a local farm which hires out a stunning Mongolian yurt.

It was in its own field surrounded by rolling Cheshire farmland. The cattle were in an adjacent field and there was even a small field with some Ryeland sheep with little lambs. The lady farmer spent some time with us answering all our questions about the lambs who were only a month old. The lambs were adorable and I desperately wanted to smuggle them home.

Typically, the weather poured with rain and wind but the little log burner in the yurt was brilliantly efficient at keeping us warm and dry. When the solar powered lights came on at night, the yurt had a gorgeous glow made even better by the fire in the corner.

One day we went for an afternoon stroll which somehow turned into a massive 8 mile hike. As we walked about we came across two farms which had a mini alpaca herds – one reminded us strongly of one of our moggies at home. It was something about the vacant expression that was rather familiar.

On our last morning, we were woken up by the farmeroving his herd across to another field. Some of the cows were rather unimpressed with being moved and loudly made their disapprobation felt. I went up to the top of our field and watched them. One clearly believes it’s a donkey judging from the noises it was making!

Back to normal life tomorrow but I won’t deny, I would love to have enough land to have some sheep and a couple of cows. I fully appreciate it’s not remotely realistic so instead I will just hold out hope for an extra half plot on the allotment.


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