Obliterating Weeds

I walked down late to the allotment this afternoon. I ran into Sarah as I arrived and we had started to have a chat when Cliff joined us. He had managed to find a large container for Sarah and Liz so they could build their own pond. We discussed where was best to put it and the other materials we would need.

I ambled down to the greenhouse and put Pop into her wheelchair. I left her enjoying her food. Leia had laid another egg which shows she is happy and healthy.

Down in the main coop, I was greeted by the girls clucking at me loudly. After closing the coop door, I felt something sharp at the back of my leg. Looking down, I saw Aggie and put two and two together. I picked her up and turned her upsidedown. She was fairly unconcerned so I put her under my arm and stroked her for a bit. Once she was back on the ground, she immediately turned around and attacked my feet. This repeated several times before I lost patience. I tucked her up underneath my arm and went for a short walk. By the time we got back into the coop, she kept away from me whilst I topped up the food bowl and cleaned out the nest box.

Next, I walked up the main path to check on the tree fern. It arrived a few days ago and my husband helped me plant it yesterday evening. It is the finishing touch to the stumpery and it looks amazing. Between the ferns and stumps there were a few weeds growing so I made a start on clearing them.

The weird thing with weeding is that sometimes you can get into a zone where you can clear large sections of the plot. Over the next hour and a half, I weeded the sunburst, the apple tree section and made a start on the section opposite the sunburst. It definitely looks much better although I do still need to finish off the other sections.

By now it was past lunchtime so I packed up and ambled home. Tomorrow’s plan is to help Cliff with the new pond and to finish off weeding the plot. Always assuming the weather stays dry!


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