Wind Damage

The rolling in of the first storm of the season has left the site in disarray. I spent several minutes sheltering from the heavy rain in the main coop. As per the usual way of things with Aggie, she spent several minutes upsidedown as penance for repeatedly attacking my feet. Each time I put her down, she circled back to attack me again. After the fourth time being upsidedown, she left me alone for long enough to put out their food. I collected two eggs and left before Aggie decided to go for my feet again.

In the greenhouse, I put Pop into her wheelchair and helped her put her feet into the correct position. I left her with a full food bowl whilst I collected some greens for her. Leia immediately started scoffing the kale leaves as soon as they were within beak range. Pop finds Leia scoffing helpful for locating the food. Her depth perception is still off but there is absolutely nothing wrong with her hearing!

As I walked up to the main gate to leave, I discovered Alan wrestling with Neil’s bean frame. The strong wind had blown over the vertical metal grid so that it blocked the path to the gate. Between us we tried several different ways to getting it to stay upright without success. Eventually, we decided to try to make an A shape to strengthen the base and I added two stays to keep the top of the frame tied down. Hopefully it survives the night!


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