Big steps forward

Today, despite the rain, something very exciting happened. I put Pop out into the tree pot and left her for a few minutes to enjoy the greenery and a fresh chunk of courgette. Leia had laid another egg and assessed my every move as I cleaned out the bedding. When I finished, I checked on Pop to find her trying to stand independently. Granted, she was very wobbly but she had managed to hold herself up on her legs for almost a minute. It’s such an improvement!

I put Leia in the outside run and put Pop into her wheelchair. Recently, she has been getting herself out of it quicker and quicker. With the success of standing, I decided to try pushing the wheelchair to see if she would walk a step or two. I moved the wheelchair onto the flat between our greenhouse and Mick the Greek’s. Holding onto the top of the wheelchair, I pulled it slowly towards me. To my astonishment, Pop immediately picked up a foot and placed it forward correctly. I kept moving backwards, pulling the wheelchair towards me, Pop kept taking a few steps at a time. A couple of times, she couldn’t bring her leg forward or didn’t put her feet flat so I stopped and sorted out her legs and feet before restarting. In the end, she had walked the whole length of the greenhouse. Considering the last time she walked any distance was over two months ago, it’s amazing!

I shared the exciting news with Phil and Cliff as the heavens opened. We sheltered in Cliff’s shed and had a chat while the rain poured down. As it lessened, Phil and Cliff dashed home and I went down to the main coop to feed the chickens. It was a day of incredible events because I didn’t get attacked by Aggie for the first time in weeks! By now the rain had set in, so I retreated back home, happy and proud of Pop’s progress!


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