End of Summer

Over the last few days, the weather seems to have turned. It definitely feels more like autumn than summer and the torrential rain more like winter. At this time of year, if the weather is still good there is still lots going on, harvesting and weeding as well as putting in the winter crops. The current weather is such that I suspect most people won’t bother with winter crops and will start to quickly wind down into winter mode. From October/November until March, there are usually not many of us on site, only those who have chickens to look after. Over the dark, wet winter months, those of us with chickens are often found huddling in someone’s shed or greenhouse to shelter from the rain and wind. It is in sharp contrast to the summer, when everyone is down working on their plots.

This afternoon, I went to collect the eggs from Derek’s coop. The gorgeous white leghorns were all enjoying the fresh air outside before the next storm inevitably rolls in. I collected eight snow white eggs, one has to be a double yolker as it was almost twice the size of the other eggs!

Down in the greenhouse Pop and Leia were relaxing before heading to bed. I put Pop into the wheelchair for a few minutes and within two, had escaped from it. I appreciate it shows she is more mobile but it is going to make her physiotherapy more difficult! I collected three eggs from Leia (Geoff had kindly put them in a box) before heading down to check on the plot.

The plot seems to have drained a bit although it is still very soggy. The tree fern seems to be flourishing, throwing out lots of fronds. These are still all to one side but in time they will fan out. The soggy nature of the ground has stopped the weeds temporarily. I hope to clear the last section of the plot over the next few days always assuming I don’t sink in the quagmire!

All was quiet in the main coop with four huddled feathery shadows sleeping on the top of the nest box. Slowly, I checked who was sleeping outside and found Millie, Hattie, Polly and Rey had decided the weather was nice enough to sleep outdoors. It’s probably a good idea to enjoy it while they can as it won’t be long until the weather turns.

The plan for this week includes cleaning out the greenhouse again (thanks Leia for creating carnage!), clean out the main coop and finish off weeding the last section. All weather dependent which may make it more difficult!


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