Allotment by Moonlight

This evening I walked down to the allotment to check on Pop. Autumn is definitely on the way as it is getting noticeably darker earlier. When I got to the greenhouse, I closed the front door and ambled around the back to check if Pop had made it into the nest box. Fortunately, she had! This shows that she is increasingly mobile. When I fed her this morning, I spotted her attempting to stand fully upright. It was extremely wobbly and she didn’t manage to hold it for long, but it’s all progress!

Next I walked to the main coop and found the usual four suspects sleeping on the nest box roof. To save myself a job for tomorrow morning, I refilled their water and food bowls, watched suspiciously by Millie who seems to think she is a guard dog rather than a chicken.

When I locked up the main coop, I realised how bright the moon was. I had a torch handy whilst in the coop but I didn’t really need it. The amazing thing about the site, is that however long I spend there it always has something to surprise you. The moon rise was stunning and threw a beautiful light over the plots. I spent a while taking some photos – they don’t do the view justice!

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