A Miracle on Henry Street

This evening something miraculous happened. In fact, two! I ran into Geoff as I arrived and we went to look at Pop in the greenhouse. There she was, standing tall and looking proudly at us. It’s no mean feat to stand after nearly three months of being unable to. What astounded me even more was Geoff saying he had seen her walk! We waited for a bit but she didn’t seem inclined to.

Next I ambled down to the main coop, initially to grab the sawdust bag so I could clean out the greenhouse. I half-heartedly checked in the small nest box and found nothing. When I moved the waterproof cover to get into the nest box, I discovered an egg. It had been laid on the nest box lid and seemed a bit different from our usual eggs. It was quite small and a gorgeous medium brown colour. I turned to around to see Aggie watching me fixatedly. Suddenly putting two and two together, I realised one of the Rhode Island Reds must have laid it. I suspect it’s Aggie as her comb has grown quite a bit bigger recently and is bright red.

I pottered back to the greenhouse and began to clean out the old bedding. Pop was still standing but has clearly waited to walk until I wasn’t there as she had moved a foot further to the left. Ninja chicken strikes again! The old bedding cleared away and after I lugged the sawdust bag from the main coop, I spotted Sarah. I dashed across to her and shared the exciting news about Pop. She came down and saw Pop on her way home. In typical fashion, Pop refused to walk when we were looking at her. Determined to catch her at it, I half hid myself to one side of the greenhouse door and waited. It took about ten minutes but the wait was worth it! I counted four forward steps, each time she had her feet splayed out and her legs in the correct position. She still has a tendency to cross over her feet but I think she will work out not to do that soon.

I just about managed to catch a short video of her walking (Watch here!). Hopefully with some more time, she will go back to walking normally.


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