Ninja Chicken Vanishes

This morning, I dashed down to the allotment to check on Pop. Over the past two days, I have been giving her high doses of Vitamin E in her water in an attempt to address her wry neck. When I arrived in the greenhouse, I looked for her in the nest box. No sign of her. Where had she gone? I know she was getting back onto her legs yesterday but she was very wobbly and didn’t manage more than a half step. So where had she got to?!

From behind a plant pot, I heard a scuffle and there she was. Ninja chicken is an understatement! I could have searched all day and never spotted her! She had managed to half sit in the water dish beneath the loofa pot so she was rather bedraggled when I picked her up. I got her food bowl and held it for her as she ate her breakfast. As she ate, I felt her crop which was completely empty. Whilst an empty crop isn’t usually a good sign, I was relieved to find Pop had managed to fully empty hers. The last week, her crop hasn’t been fully empty. Added to which, her appetite is coming back which is another great sign.

Late in the evening, I popped down again to check on Pop. She scoffed half a bowlful of corn and sunflower seeds and a good amount of vitamin water. Always furious when being picked up, she made her disapprobation very clear as I put her into the nest box for the night. Here’s hoping Ninja chicken pulls off another miracle!


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