Slow and steady wins the race

Over the past two days, Pop has shown some improvement and is now standing independently again. She has just started to take very tentative steps today and I hope this means she will be back to her usual cheeky self in a few days. I am still getting high doses of vitamins into her by adding them to her water. Her appetite is improving and she even managed to eat by herself briefly today. Ninja chicken made a reappearance when my back was turned – somehow, she managed to jump out of the plant pot onto the patio!

I spent some time cleaning out all the old bedding in the greenhouse and replacing it with fresh sawdust. Happily, Leia immediately jumped into the nest box and began to throw it out. For some reason, she doesn’t seem to like having a warm comfortable bed! I walked down later in the evening to close up the greenhouse door and to put Pop into bed. This wasn’t appreciated at all but it will help keep her warm and safe overnight.

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