Clocks go Back

Suddenly the days are much shorter, the nights longer and the temperature drops. The clocks went back yesterday and the change in daylight is really noticeable. I ambled down to the allotment at lunchtime to feed the chickens. As I arrived at the gate, I saw Cliff busy fixing his trailer. Apparently it had come off the back of his car as he was trying to take some stuff to the dump! He asked whether I had been in my shed recently. I replied in the negative and immediately dashed to the shed wondering what had happened to it. I had visions of the roof leaking or the window smashed in. From the outside, it looked normal. As I opened the door, I spotted something on the table. It was an A4 photo frame with a beautiful photo of Pop in it with a note. It turns out that Cliff had had the idea and Andy had helped him sort it. It’s so lovely and summarises how supportive our allotment can be. Cliff and Geoff care for their chickens as I do and it’s always hard to loose one. Pop was such a character and defied the odds so often that there is no way we will ever forget her. I have decided to put the photo up in the shed, all I need to do is work out where!

Leia and Lilja are still not particularly chummy. Leia seems determined not to make friends and Lilja prefers to keep up high out of Leia’s range. Luckily for Lilja, Leia is so fat, she struggles to get up high! I topped up their water and food bowl and left Leia shouting angrily at me.

In the main coop, all was well. There was the usual dash to meet me as I walked into the coop. Handfuls of sunflower seeds later, I was left alone to clean out the coop and top up their food and water. I checked the nest box for eggs and found Cassie in the middle of laying. Carefully, I closed the lid of the nest box and left her to it.

On my way back up to the shed, I picked some kale leaves for Lilja and Leia. I am hoping that Lilja will be more friendly in time and decided today was the day to start. Using the kale as a bribe, she cautiously approached me and took a few pecks of the kale.

At home, we have been caring for Molly. I found her covered in mud and barely moving yesterday. She is on cage rest and being hand fed. This evening, she showed signs of improvement, managing to peck at her food. I have been hand feeding her scrambled egg laced with brewers yeast to try and get something nutritious into her. Here’s hoping she continues to pick up over the next few days.

In the garden, we have set up our new Omlet Eglu Classic coop. It’s second hand but in good condition and big enough for 2-3 small hens… I may have dropped a few hints to my husband about checking the coop works properly by putting some hens in it. Here’s hoping he takes the hint…


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