RIP Molly

Sadly this morning we lost Molly. I had been hand feeding her over the past two days and she rallied rather brilliantly last night. She pecked at her own food, drank enthusiastically and gobbled scrambled egg. This morning however, she looked in a very bad way and slipped away in her sleep.

Molly and Holly were the first two chicks that we hatched under on of Cliff’s beautiful Silkie hybrids. Although they were never particularly friendly, they were good layers and beautiful. Molly only went broody once but successfully managed to hatch two Welsummer chicks. Unfortunately, she was attacked and whatever it was, made off with one of the chicks as well as doing its best to rip off her comb. Luckily, Cliff and Geoff were able to help nurse Molly back to health. A difficult job with an angry, injured broody hen!

Vorwerks are incredible hens who are lightning fast runners. It was always a two man job to catch Molly! My husband always took great satisfaction in cuddling her after the inevitable ten minutes of trying to catch her.

If we have a broody in the spring, we are planning on trying to hatch some more Vorwerks.


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