November Sunshine

After days of ran, we finally have a glimpse of some winter sunshine. The weather is surprisingly warm considering we are now in mid-November. Down on site, I spotted Alan and Billy and went to say hello. They were both busy doing some winter jobs.

On the plot, we still have some digging to do but I decided today wasn’t the day for it. Leia and Lilja seem to be getting on better despite pretending they aren’t when they think I am looking. Hopefully they will continue to make friends over the coming weeks.

In the main coop, all was well and after throwing out some sunflower seeds, I grabbed the old spade and dig over about half the coop. This not only provides the chickens with ground to scratch in but also evens out the ground as several craters had been dug making walking in the coop somewhat hazardous! Rey is in full moult mode and looks rather sorry for herself!


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