Fortifying Fort Knox

With a sudden influx of wheelchair orders, I dashed down to the allotment this morning intending to quickly feed the chickens. As it turned out, I spent quite a bit of time with Cliff trying to plug any tiny gaps in the coop to ensure no wild birds can get in. The sparrows are very persistent and are determined to find any gap or space. Even ones that you are certain they won’t fit through! Cliff and I plugged ever gap we could see with rolled up scaffolding netting. Pleased with our progress, I popped into the coop to check for any more gaps. To my dismay, I spied a sparrow on the food bins. Worried I may have inadvertently trapped the poor bird, I followed it around the coop. After trying various gaps which they had clearly come in through beforehand, she flew down by the coop door. As I walked forward, I planned to open the door and let her out. Mrs Sparrow had a different idea and wriggled her way out of the coop in the smallest gap between the bottom of the fence panels. Rolling my eyes, I grabbed some more scaffolding netting and plugged the gap. Hopefully, we have now got all the holes!

Cliff and I sat down and had a chat, enjoying the winter sunshine. It’s lovely to spend so much time outside in the fresh air. I got up to check on Sadie. Happily, her back injury seems to be much better and I managed to grab her and check her over. The scab seemed to be coming off and I spotted new pin feathers coming through. Cliff came across and helped me give her another dose of purple spray on the last remaining injured area. The rest of the skin looks healthy and she is definitely happier in herself which is great news.

Realising the time, I leapt up and dashed home to be in for a delivery. Promising the girls I would be back to feed them, I sprinted home.

Later, we walked back and fed the chickens. They were distinctly unimpressed with being fed so late but a handful of sunflower seeds stopped their complaining! I discovered two eggs in the nest box which was exciting. Most of our girls have been moulting for the last month and it’s great to finally have some eggs again!


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