A chicken swing

Yesterday I picked up an old tyre from a local seller to make a swing for the chickens in the main coop. Lugging the tyre down to the allotment was rather amusing and I wish I had gone with my first plan which was to roll it all the way. For some unknown reason, I decided that I should try to look like a grown up and chose to carry it all the way. A decision which I will forever regret!

In the coop, the chickens shouted greetings and demanded to be fed. The local sparrow population continues to battle to get into the coop with one or two somehow managing to get inside. Using more netting, I stuffed it into as many small gaps as I could find. For good measure, Cliff set up a bird table next to my blackberry bushes and put out lots of wild bird seed. The idea is that with so much food near them, they won’t be tempted to try to break into the coop. Watch this space…

Putting up the swing took a matter of minutes and I think it looks rather effective. Then I waited. Chickens are by nature curious and nosey creatures and whatever you do inside a cool, you will always have a gang of inspectors getting into your way. Apparently not when you make a tyre swing. The entire flock hid behind the nest box and refused to go anywhere near it. Sighing with exasperation, I grabbed Hattie and put her up on the top. This was not well received. Within a few seconds, she had flown down and ran to hide behind Aggie. I tried again with Aggie. She stayed on the tyre for even less time! I left resolving never to expect gratitude from the ungrateful animals!

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