A Christmas Truce

Down at the allotment today, occured a small miracle. In the greenhouse Sadie, Leia and Lilja has spent around 24 hours unsupervised. Unsure of what I would find, I cautiously looked through the glass. What I saw amazed me. Sadie was on the top shelf with Leia and Lilja pottering around on the floor. No fighting, no arguing and no pecking at each other!

I fed them and walked down to the main coop. Steve had messaged me earlier to say he hadn’t seen any sparrows in the coop which hopefully shows that the latest netting attempt has worked. The girls and Tommy were all doing well and were very keen for their treats of split corn and sunflower seeds. I collected an egg and pottered back up to the greenhouse. The sun had come out but the sky had turned a dark shade of navy ahead. Seeing the rapid change of weather approaching, I dashed to the greenhouse, told Leia and Lilja to be nice to Sadie and headed off home.

Christmas for us is different this year but we are so fortunate to have a wonderful home, beautiful allotment and to be surrounded by a small menagerie of animals. From both of us, we wish you a wonderful Christmas!


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