Christmas at the Allotment

This morning, we braced ourselves for feeding the chickens in the freezing temperatures. It was one of those beautiful clear, sunny and crisp winter days. Upon our arrival, we discovered that every water feeder and water butt was completely frozen over! Welding a large screwdriver, my husband set to work smashing the thick layer of ice on our water butts whilst I worked away at clearing the ice from the water feeders. Fingers frozen, I managed to remove all the ice just as the ice on the water butt gave way. We quickly refilled the water feeder in the greenhouse and headed down to the main coop.

It was the same story in the main coop but all the chickens seemed to be coping fine with the -4 degree temperature. Unsurprisingly, there were no eggs. Everyone appeared on site in the next ten minutes so we spent a few minutes wishing everyone a Merry Christmas before heading back home to warm up!


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