I woke this morning to find the world covered in a thin layer of beautiful snow! Realising that the water feeders in the coop would probably be frozen, I quickly dashed out, pausing only to grab a hat and a coat.

The allotment looked absolutely stunning. All the soil covered in snow with small tracks winding through the paths. Upon closer inspection, I realised they were bird prints and out of the corner of my eye, I spotted Mrs Blackbird pottering along the path, looking for scraps food. In the coop, as I suspected, the water was frozen so I cleared out all the ice and refilled it. To my surprise, I found a solitary egg on the nest box!

In the greenhouse, the Christmas truce still seems to be in place. Sadie spends most of her time up on the top of the nest box and I always make sure there is a handful of food up there for her to eat. Leia continues to be distinctly unimpressed with the newest arrival although Lilja seems to be happy to sit next to Sadie. Long may the truce last!

More snow is forecast for tomorrow!


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