Breaking the Weather

The cold and rain that greeted me this morning was rather depressing. Ever since I put up the solar panel, the weather has been either cold, windy but dry or wet and windy. Neither particularly helpful for growing plants or for working solar panels. I’m beginning to think that by putting up the solar panel, I may have killed off the chance of decent spring weather…

Poor Roxy is getting pretty lonely in the greenhouse so I have been searching for another little bantam to keep her company. There seem to be lots of unsexed chicks for sale but I want a hen of a similar age and size to Roxy. Hopefully we will find a little feathery friend for her soon! In the meantime, she will just have to manage with cuddles from me!

The rest of the chickens were happy to receive their treats but quickly retreated to perches or favourite sheltered corners to keep out of the rain. I collected four eggs and headed home to check on the silkies.

Yesterday evening we caught Stratus and gave her feathers around her eyes a trim. The poor bird count barely see where she was going. To add insult to this indignity, with all the rain, she now sports some sort of spiky punk hairdo! I nearly died laughing when I saw her. She shouted at me and, whilst what she said is entirely unpublishable, I did hold in the rest of my laughter until I was out of earshot.

Assuming the weather improves tomorrow, we are going to pick up some bags of compost and begin to plant our seeds. My mission to find a metal frame chicken run in reasonable condition and price continues so that the greenhouse can be chicken-free before the weather warms up too much. Although considering the snow flurries we had today, I might have more time than I thought!


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