A quick visit to the allotment today ended with a surprise harvest of strawberries! Over the past few years, we have struggled to get any fruit from our strawberry plants. Happily, Geoff has let us grow some in one of his raised beds. We arrived ready to give Millie a dose of cider vinegar as she still seems to be having issues with her crop despite worming treatment and cider vinegar. As my husband held a reluctant Millie, I got a couple of syringes of vinegar into her. We will keep a really close eye on her over the next few days.

As my husband worked around feeding and watering the chickens, I got busy weeding the beds. The ground is quite hard but we are due rain overnight. I cleared a couple of beds of the worst of these, leaving the smaller ones for the hoe tomorrow. As an added bonus, I left the small outdoor run with all the weeds for the two feathery weed destroyers.

At home, Trixy has had an interesting day. She kept coming off her eggs this morning and we attributed this to her being slightly constipated. Shortly after her fourth walk about, a terrible smell wafted towards us. I thought after that, she would settle down but each time we were in the kitchen, she got off her eggs. Eventually, we kept away from the cage in the hopes she would go back to the nest. I wasn’t sure if this means she is getting to the end of her broodiness or the eggs are about to hatch. If she can stay on the eggs for a two more days, she will have been sitting for the full 21 days. After sitting so brilliantly, it would be a real shame if she came off a day or two early. It’s all quite nerve-wracking!

So the plan for tomorrow, if the weather permits, is to do some more weeding of the plot and try to get in some more flowers. Ideally, I would love to have one bed as a country meadow with wildflowers and another with different types of lavender in. I think a shopping trip might be in order…


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