Smashing up the Nest Box

Today was boiling hot. So hot that we decided to do very little apart from feeding the chickens. With the weather being so hot, it’s incredibly important to keep their water bowls full. Whilst my husband refilled all the water bowls, I got busy checking the next boxes for eggs. Not a single one!

Moving into the main coop, I rummaged around in the food bins and threw out their treats. In removing the perches to soak in a bucket of anti-mite fluid, I realised there were quite a number of mites crawling around. With mites around, I decided to get the drill and dismantle the rest of the old nest box. Collecting the screws in a cup as I went along, I managed to loosen the sides. Frustrated with the lack of progress, I took a spade and prized off the sides and removed the front frame. This left the base, back and roof still intact. As I was pondering how to dismantle the rest, the roof started to collapse downward. Using my trusty spade, I got the roof down and the back off. As a finishing touch, I put the black pallet on top to give them somewhere to hide underneath and perch on on top.

Whilst I had been dismantling, my husband had been working hard taking all the different sections of the old nest box to Cliff’s trailer. With the run clear of wood, I left the frame intact for the chickens to perch on. The old perches in the corner of the run I decided to work on another day as the heat was beginning to get unbearable.

According to the weather forecast, there will be thunderstorms tomorrow. This will break the humidity and hopefully come with a good amount of rain which the plot desperately needs! If the rain comes in early, no doubt I will end up playing the usual cat and mouse game of trying to get down and back without being drowned in a monsoon shower. Probability tells us that this is possible. Experience proves otherwise!


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