It’s Too Hot to Breathe

So today saw the temperatures rise yet again. Landlocked Crewe is absolutely sweltering in 30 degree heat. It’s utterly relentless, with no breeze to lessen the intense heat. Chickens are especially prone to hear stroke and days like today pose some danger. A fresh, cool supply of water is essential as birds don’t sweat. Panting can help them cool a little but of the chicken gets over hot, it’s very difficult to get their temperature back down. After work, we went down to give the chickens a fresh refill of water and to make sure there was enough shade in each run so they could escape the sun.

At home, we repeated the process. Trixy’s chicks are getting so big! Mostly feathered, they seem to be putting all their energy into growing by the hour. Even the littlest chick has grown massively over the past few days. I am now reasonably confident that one of the millefleur chicks is a boy – it’s a bit bigger than the other one, has a slightly larger and reddish comb and long tail feathers. All the others are about the same size and have very similar comb sizes and colours – jury is still out on these!

Tomorrow’s forecast is for even hotter temperatures so apart from a couple of trips down to give the chickens fresh cool water, I don’t think much will be done! If it stays like this, I plan to remove all the food from the freezer, take out all the drawers and live inside it until the weather breaks!


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