All Jammed In

The weather is absurd. When I woke up this morning, it was already 20 degrees. Knowing that it would 9nly get hotter, I dragged myself to the allotment to feed the chickens. Happily, most of the girls had enough water and I planned to pop back this evening to refill with cool water. Tommy has a passing go at me when I entered – I really must remember to wear trainers next time! Fending him off with the bin lid, I managed to top up the feeder in the main coop, refresh Roxy and Foxy’s food bowl and fill the silkies pellet box. A half dozen eggs collected, I tottered home, half melting in the heat.

Back at home, I checked on Trixy and the chicks who are becoming more demanding by the day. Poor Trixy is starting to look a bit disgruntled. Over the next couple of weeks, we may have to put Trixy back in with Roxy and Foxy. Broody hens are incredible but they have a definite limit to their patience and have been known to attack their young. But for now, they are all getting along which is lovely to see.

As I changed the silkies water and topped up their food bowl, I was confused not to see Nimbus strutting around the run. Three days ago, Stratus decided she would try to be broody again and has spent the time crushed into the nest box with Cirrus. Both equally determined to hog the space despite not sitting on a single egg. Honestly! Opening up the Omlet door, I discovered to my exasperation three silkies crammed into the nest box. If they are all still in there this evening, I am going to have to somehow make two additional nest boxes so they each have their own space. Who said keeping chickens happy was easy?!

Later in the afternoon, it was just Stratus and Cirrus. Still, I think I will separate them tomorrow so they have their own space.


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