Bumper Harvest

With the heat beginning to lessen, my husband and I walked down to the allotment to feed the chickens. As my husband walked between the coops, refilling the food and water, I got busy weeding around the Omlet watched closely by Roxy and Foxy. Much to their delight, I threw in several handfuls of weeds for them to eat. Shortly afterwards, my husband reappeared with eight eggs. Scolding Roxy and Foxy for slacking, we ambled across to Geoff’s plot to harvest the remaining potatoes we have grown.

Geoff’s generosity in lending us some of his raised beds has meant that for the first time in years, we actually have produce to harvest! Our main problem was working out how to lug all the potatoes home as we hadn’t brought a bag or box. Instead, we rummaged around the plot and I decided that a large plant pot would do. Fortunately, it was a big one as we quickly filled it! As the pot was being filled, we quickly weeded the bed.

On a roll, we moved onto the next two beds. Weeding as we went, we collected a handful of onions, two handfuls of mangetout and four purple french beans. To add to my delight, three of the snowball turnips were ready to be picked. So it seems again, that benign neglect works wonders! It always seems to be the way that when I diligently care for plants, they die. Yet when I forget I had planted things, they seem to thrive. Spiteful is what I call it!

Before we left, Alan gave us two yellow courgettes which he promised would be delicious sliced and cooked with garlic butter. Thanking him, we added them to our harvest to haul home which also included a cucumber from Tracy. It’s what makes the allotment community so special, how people share their time, produce and knowledge with others. It took a while for us to feel settled when we moved here but the allotment community welcomed us with open arms. It’s a kindness we always try to repay.

If the weather continues to be hot, tomorrow’s plan is to make sure I weed several sections of the plot with regular breaks. For good measure, I might take down my laptop so I can work in the shed when it gets too hot outside. Life is full of possibilities!


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