Hacking through the Jungle

With the clouds looming and a forecast of rain, I dashed down to the allotment quickly this morning. All the chickens were present and correct with Tommy strutting possessively around the main coop. He is definitely starting to behave more like a cockerel and less like a marshmallow.

With all the chickens fed and some time spent checking on Snap who seems a little wobbly at the moment, I moved onto the greenhouse. Apart from the occasional watering, I haven’t done much in the greenhouse over the past few weeks and the tomatoes have been busy taking over. I confess to being rather tempted to grab a machete and hack my way through it. Instead, I slowly worked my way through, removing superfluous stems and leaves to allow the light to get to the fruit. Without light, the tomatoes won’t ripen and you risk the fruit being inedible. By the time I had cleared the excess foliage away, my hands were bright green. It took some scrubbing to get it off!

Tomorrow’s plan is to clear the weeds in two of the beds and clean out the Omlet and one of the big coops if the weather allows.


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