Sausage Sandwiches

Today was an important day – the AGM was finally here. There has been quite tense build up and everyone was a little on edge as we gathered near The Don’s shed. The turnout was brilliant with a good representation from across the site, something that has been lacking in previous years. Once the new committee was voted in, the meeting adjourned and everyone disappeared back off to their plots. There is lots of work for the committee to do but there is a sense of purpose and optimism which bodes well.

I ambled around introducing myself to the new members of the committee I haven’t met. It was so lovely to chat with other people about their ideas for the site. There’s quite a bit to do and as the new Secretary, I planned to spend some time getting my head around all the paperwork. Cliff swung by the shed and dropped off a massive frying pan, a toasting fork and bread knife. We decided it would be a good idea to try out the frying pan on the stove, so I ran home, raided the fridge for sausages and swung by the shop to collect rolls. I convinced my husband to join us at the shed for lunch too.

All three of us sat enjoying the sunshine munching on fried sausage and onion rolls. In the background, the Weed Destroyers were busy scratching as we chatted about this and that. When we finished, my husband disappeared back home to do some jobs whilst I went over to Geoff’s plot to do some weeding. He kindly let us grow some vegetables in a couple of his raised beds and in all the business of the past few weeks, the weeds have rather taken over. An hour of solid work saw most of the paths around the beds clear and the remaining onions free from their green captors.

Tomorrow, Cliff and I plan to work on the plot by the main gate which is severely overgrown.


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