A Late Crow

Last night, as we were cooking dinner, my husband heard the dreaded sound. A distinct and clear cockle doodle doo! Hoping desperately that the neighbours hadn’t heard it, I dashed outside to see the offending bird standing smugly in the middle of the run.

Part of me felt impressed but the other part of me was sad. It means we are now at crunch point – who can we keep and who will need a new home? Usually it’s an easier choice as at least half are boys who go to the farm with a local farmer. He cares for and rehomes them. All of our cockerels hatched on site go to him and I have his number. But somehow, the little millefleur cockerel is so lovely, I don’t think I have the heart to let him go to the farm. I hope he doesn’t irritate the neighbours whilst I work out what to do. The amount of loud dog barking, cat wailing and other deafening noises that echo around the terraced gardens should mask our little cockerel’s crowing!

So plan for tomorrow is to clean out the broody coop and let the chickens explore the garden.


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  1. Hi there,

    It’s Alice from the blog team at Waltons.

    We’re in the process of updating of some old articles, and in our new (& improved) ‘Glorious Gardening Blogs’, we’d love to feature your blog ’The Good Life Crewe’ as part of the roundup!

    If you wouldn’t mind dropping me a quick line at blog@waltons.co.uk, I can send over what we’re planning on publishing.

    All the best,


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