When the AP’s Came to Call

Today there were several visits to the allotment. I really don’t know what I would do if we lived further away. On second thoughts, I’d probably be more organised! But having it so close to home, it’s so easy to run out for ten minutes to collect some eggs or pick something for dinner. My first trip down this morning, I arrived intending to feed the chickens. What I actually ended up doing was having a long chat with Derek, our new Warden. Somehow time flew as we discussed the site and before I knew it, it was gone half eleven! Leaving the chickens to fend for themselves for a bit, I ran home to sort out the guest room.

After lunch and with the AP’s stuck in traffic, I ran down to collect eggs. Having three enthusiastic egg eaters in the house means we get through a spectacular amount of eggs! No eggs in the Omlet but six in the nest house. I really must think of a name for the nest house. Some sort of pun about eggs or chickens seems appropriate. Suggestions on a postcard to The Beach Hut, Plot 39! With their food topped up and treats thrown out, I did a check over in the new coop. Leia had laid an egg but Lilja and Sadie seem rather inclined to lay currently. I think it’s because they believe the bantams get preferential treatment. Watching Lilja with her beat out of joint is rather hilarious. She struts around the run, glaring at me until she thinks she has made her point. Point made, she then gets busy eating and scratching.

The AP’s arrived late afternoon and after a restorative cup of tea, I suggested a walk to the allotment. It’s been nearly two years since they last saw the plot and we have been really busy beavering away at it. Since they last saw it, we have put in the bog garden, the stumpery, changed the coop, planted more trees, restructured the plot, created the pond by the shed, built the veranda to name but a few! All the changes were greeted with approval but the silkies and chicks at home were the favourite additions. As the dinner cooked on the BBQ, five chicks, led by Gordon proceeded to terrorise the silkie girls much to the amusement of all who were watching. Before the silkies got distressed, I shut them into their run and corralled the chicks back to their run.

Tomorrow, I will introduce the AP’s to Roxy, Trixy and Foxy properly. And who knows, maybe Roxy will sit on their shoulder!


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