Egg Hunting

Over the past two days, the chickens in the main coop have been messing with me. They have a beautiful nest house with a lovely large nest box to lay in. Any hen would surely appreciate that set up. But not our girls!

To my horror, I discovered an egg in the poo bucket! What idiotic bird decided the poo bucket was a better option than the clean nest box?! The green egg has only appeared recently and I’m not sure who the culprit is yet!

Today, the egg hunted continued. Four beautiful eggs collected from the nest box which was an improvement from yesterday. Imagine my exasperation when I spotted an egg laid in the middle of the run. Whoever the culprit was yesterday has set a dangerous precedent as this egg was a different colour, clearly laid by another hen!

At a loss with how to stop this laying in totally random places, I left utterly bemused. This is the first year we have ever had hens doing this. Why have they suddenly decided to lay in ridiculous places? I decided some research was needed and headed off home to try and find an explanation!

Any guesses where I might find an egg tomorrow?


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