Rained Off Yet Again

We awoke to rain this morning. A steady drizzle which lasted all day and is forecast to continue tomorrow. Fortunately, I only needed to pop to the allotment briefly to check on the chickens. I quickly opened up the shed and shoved some kale into the Omlet coop for Roxy, Trixy and Foxy. They of course, leapt on it as if they had never been fed before.

Down in the main coop, I collected five eggs from the nest box. Somewhat disappointed, I began to tell the girls off before realising there were another three eggs that had been laid in various places around the coop! Rolling my eyes in exasperation, I collected them from the floor. I suppose I should be eternally grateful, they weren’t laid in the poo bucket…

Over in the new coop, the beginnings of a truce between the Buff Orpington and the other three girls. When I arrived the Orpington was out in the run but she quickly retreated to the nest box as I threw some food out for them all. Lilja seems to be all leg after moulting a large proportion of her feathers. Leia, always following Lilja’s lead, has shed so many feathers that she is literally half the size she was. I hope they decide to grow their feathers back quickly as the weather is definitely cooling and the nights are drawing in. Sadie seems to be enjoying a break from being bottom of the pecking order and in comparison to the other two, has a healthy amount of black shiny feathers!

So the plan for tomorrow is to simply feed the chickens and hopefully collect eggs solely from the nest boxes. Wishful thinking I know, but I live in hope!


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