Marauding Bantams

Between the showers, we dashed down to feed the chickens at the allotment. Fortunately, we chose our moment well and remained dry the entire visit! The Buff Orpington has taken up residence on the perches and although still very timid, she does seem to be holding her own against the others. I was even able to have a quick look at her head. The purple spray seems to be working it’s magic as her feathers that had been pulled out are growing back.

Tommy attempted to have a go at my husband – clearly his boots were highly objectionable! By the time I had topped up their food, Tommy was fleeing in terror from my husband. As with most animals, acting scary and intimating, usually has the desired effect. Flora flew up on to the good bins and got busy scoffing as many treats as possible before anyone noticed her. Alba seems to be coming out of her shell more which is lovely. Her and Flora seem to be buddies which is great to see. More good news came from the nest house where three eggs were waiting for us. No stray eggs laid in the run which is a massive improvement!

Back at home, it was time to clean out the purple Omlet. It’s a job I have been putting off for a while and although the Omlet coops are much quicker, it’s a job I don’t relish. Rattling the run, I managed to persuade Gordon to take his girls outside. Half an hour of hard work later, and it was done. Fresh bedding in the nest box and new bedding in the run, I corralled the small feathery army back into their home. As it turned out, I got them all back in just before the heavens opened again.

So the plan for the next few days is to dig over the the beds on the plot provided the rain holds off for long enough!


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