Keeping Out of Beak Range

Exhausted after another manic week, my husband and I pottered down to the allotment late this afternoon. As we arrived, we ran into Pam. I stopped to chat whilst my husband got to work feeding the chickens. All of our feathery charges are well and were distinctly unimpressed with the lateness of their daily treats. Despite their disapprobation, they had managed to lay seven eggs and, out of pure spite, half buried one on the far side of the run.

In the Omlet, the Weed Destroyers were cuddled together next to the run door. Picking some kale leaves and shoving them through the wire caused huge excitement with Roxy shoving the other two out of the way to ensure she got to the greens first. Over in the new coop, the Buff Orpington is still preferring to keep out of Leia’s sharp beak by roosting on the perch. She is very timid but I was delighted that she chose to eat some kale from my hand today. To say Lilja and Leia’s beaks were put of out joint by this blatant favouritism was an understatement. But I thought the Orpington deserved it after coping with the others for so long!

Tomorrow, we will need to hoe and dig over the plot again and, assuming the rain holds off, I will also finish trimming the willow screen and prune the blackberries.


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