Autumn Sunshine

Early this morning I pottered down to the allotment to check on the chickens. It was a beautiful warm autumn day. Almost no clouds and the sun shining bright was enough to entice most of the plot holders down to the site. Opening up the shed, I greeted the Weed Destroyers and headed off to the main coop. Tommy greeted me with several sharp pecks to my wellies. For some reason, Tommy loathes wellies. Quite what he objects to so vehemently, is beyond me. However, the thick wellies provide excellent protection against an idiotic cockerel!

In the new coop, the Buff Orpington still resided up on her perch. Lilja, Leia and Sadie were busy scoffing the sunflower seeds that were thrown out. Happily, I ran into Phil who seemed pleased with how well the Orpington was settling. There is still quite some way to go, but in time I am sure they will work out who is in charge. Personally, I think Leia is the main issue. That chicken is a complete princess and loathes sharing the coop with other birds. In particular, other hens who are equally as stately and stunning to look at!

With no eggs to collect, I left the chickens with stern words to get their act together before I headed home for a late brunch. We’ll see if talking to them has worked tomorrow…


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