Night at the Allotment

Just before dinner, I dashed down to the allotment to check on Cliff’s black leghorn. Each evening I have been going down to make up a fresh batch of antibiotics for her. When I got down there, I was struck by how different the familiar landmarks looked, especially the greenhouse!

Making up antibiotics which require accurate measurements of both water and powder become distinctly more difficult when trying to juggled a torch and water jug whilst wrestling with the tap. The temperature here has plummeted and without gloves, my hands were clumsy with cold. Dissolving the powder takes some time but when it was all done, I poured the water into the water bowl and put it back in the greenhouse. A few more days and hopefully Cliffs hen will be back to normal!

Before I left, I dashed around the coops to check on the chickens. Apart from the Weed Destroyers in the Omlet coop, all the others were sleeping outside. I shook my head in disbelief. It’s really cold and they have dry, warm nest boxes to sleep in. Yet somehow, they prefer to sleep outside? What made my visit was finding one of Gordon’s girls asleep on the swing in the new coop. I bought that swing ages ago and every chicken has refused to use it. Granted, it isn’t being used as a swing but it’s still progress!


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