Chippings Everywhere!

I went down bright and early this morning curious to see what the chippings looked like in daylight. The builder’s bag by the gate was a mix of laurel and conifer which would be perfect for paths but not suitable for the chicken coops. In the wheelie bin, I found more of the same.

Cliff came across to help confirm it wasn’t suitable for the chickens (it wasn’t) and he kindly offered to help me put the chippings onto the path. Lugging the wheelie bin down the path, tipping it out and hauling it back upright took some doing but between us we made quick progress. One interesting discovery was a large white towel which had got muddled up in the chippings. I carefully set it to one side with the intention of messaging our friend when I got home.

With the bin empty, we trundled it to the gate and refilled it twice more from the builder’s bag. By the time, the bag was empty enough to drag, with Will’s help, down to the shed. Cliff cleared some of the weeds away and I covered the ground between the compost bin and the strawberry bed. This area used to have bark chippings on it but over time these have broken down and needed replacing. All the chippings look incredibly green but the colour will soon change so it’ll blend in more. With the deluges we get up north over the winter, I feel more hopeful that the path will absorb some water, limiting the amount of flooding on the plot.

Thanking Cliff for his help, he asked about my solar set up. Would it run a toaster? I thought probably yes. A minute later, he disappeared off to his car and brought back a toaster. We plugged it into the inverter and it did seem to work. Tomorrow’s plan is hot buttered toast to go with the obligatory steaming mug of tea!

Before I left, I tucked away a few stray willow branches and shifted the rope to the other side of the archway. The rope technique seems to have worked well on the other side of the arch so I am hopeful it will work on the other side! The tension may need to be adjusted over the winter but for now, the path is clear!

Should anyone see a cloud of smoke over the allotment accompanied by a loud bang, you will know that The Great Toaster Experiment has failed!


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