Flamingo Flora

This afternoon, I popped down the allotment to check on Flora. Once in the main coop, I searched around and eventually found her huddled half under the platform. As I tried to grab her she flapped away, hopping on one leg. The other she held up and seemed very reluctant to use. Minor injuries can occur when a cockerel gets rough. I felt her hock and couldn’t find anything hot or tender but it could be something higher up.

Clearly, it was important to move her away from the others and this provided an opportunity to make sure Leia wasn’t on her own. Flora the Flamingo was not impressed with being picked up and taken to the greenhouse. Watching her arrival with obvious disgust was Princess Leia. Flora got to have a quick drink before Leia began to yell at her. I mollified her with some kale and sunflower seeds. Flora got herself into the nest box and I threw in some kale for her to enjoy. Hopefully Flora will have enough sense to scoff it quickly before Leia finds it!


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