Dusk Over the Plot

Late afternoon, I walked back down to the allotment to collect the food containers and water bottles I had left this morning. Lugging down 9 litres of water every other day is harder work than it looks – I am planning on getting hold of a wagon or something similar to make the water transporting easier. As I got to the greenhouse, I spotted Leia asleep on the top of the nest box whilst Flora was perched on the edge of the potting bench. Neither was cuddled up to the other suggesting they still haven’t decided to get along properly.

Doing a final check of each coop took a few minutes and when I returned to the shed, there was just a hint of light left. Despite many people loathing the dark winter nights, I love curling up at home with my husband in a blanket with a hot chocolate and a sleepy cat on my lap. But I also love the sunsets and sunrises which can be truly spectacular. Pausing only to appreciate the last gasps of daylight, I pottered home.

The plan for tomorrow is to feed the chickens, sanitise the ground in the main coop and ideally add more water containers to stop the coop floor flooding.


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