Rain, Mud and Dark

After indulging in a Christmas shopping session, I decided that with the light going and the rain set in, was the nest time to move the Omlet in the garden. Poor Stratus was looking particularly punk and I was worried about them getting muddy foot feathers. Between Fiona and I, we shifted the coop onto the next part of the lawn. Our efforts were not appreciated and Cirrus spent the entire time shouting her disapproval with the loudest squalks she could muster.

Coop screwed downs securely into place, we topped up their food and water. The way the silkies shovel down food, you would think I never feed them! Whilst they were occupied with full beaks, I cleaned out the base of the Omlet and brushed off the perches. As soon as everything was back in place, in came a small feathery army to inspect it. How it passed muster, I do not know, but I was relieved it did!


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