Ringing in the New Year

So although it’s not quite midnight, I thought I would do a quick review of the year. All over social media, everyone is sharing their highs and lows, so I think I will jump onto the bandwagon!

It’s been another busy year on the plot! Our feathery flock has expanded massively, welcoming in a small army of bantams for the first time. Roxy, AKA pirate chicken, was rescued and has become the boss of the Little Weed Destroyers. We inherited Maude and Mavis and watched in awe as Maude took on Tommy and won! Trixy had her chicks and both Cirrus and Stratus broke the record for length of time being broody. We also welcomed Dora, Cora, Flora and Alba to the flock. Sadly, we said goodbye to several of our chickens this year including Millie, Aggie and Cassie.

The shed received another upgrade, not just a paint job, with the installation of solar power. It was hilarious to receive work video calls from the shed and see my colleagues confused faces. We also installed, with the help of cliff, a new window that hasn’t leaked despite all the rain we have had this year!

We also upgraded the nest box in the main coop, removing the old one and replacing it with the Nest House. As if that wasn’t enough, we built a new coop for the bantams. It was a long three weeks but I am really proud of how it has turned out. The help we got in moving the run from Steve’s plot and the nest box from Rachel’s plot was amazing. A massive thank you to Liz and Sarah for letting me put up the coop on their plot!

We managed to have a successful potato, onion, kale tomato and lemon cucumber harvest.

So who knows what is in store for next year! But you can bet, it’ll be unexpected, exciting and occasionally utterly ridiculous! Happy New Year to you all!


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