Robin Rescue

I pottered down to the allotment late this morning, enjoying the sunshine on my walk across. It really doesn’t seem like January – blue skies, sunshine and just a nip in the air to remind you it’s officially winter. Doubting that this glorious weather would last very long, I took the opportunity to check the plot without looking like a drowned rat.

Speaking of rats, Cliff has been working hard on the rat issue in the new coop. Despite repeated treatments and blockades, it’s still getting into the coop. Today, Cliff had pulled out all the stops and added two rat traps. Spotting movement out of the corner of my eye, I went to check on the one at the back of the run. Closer to, I saw it wasn’t a rat, but a trapped robin. We have so many on site this year and they are wonderfully tame. I suspected this was one of the tamest, who usually follows you around the plot, hoping for a tasty treat.

Gently, I placed the trap on top of the nest box and opened the door. It took a few seconds for the robin to realise the door was open. I was worried it was hurt as it kept lying down. When it finally worked out the door was open, it flew out and straight up into the nearest tree. I watched it for a few minutes to make sure it was alright before heading back to the plot to feed the Little Weed Destroyers.

I was met by a highly unimpressed Roxy who was angry at being made to wait for her daily treats. Trixy was busy dust bathing in the sunshine and ignored both of us. In true form, Foxy dithered between the others, not quite sure what to do.

With all the chickens fed and eggs collected, I ambled home making plans for tomorrow. Being a perpetual optimist, whose optimism is undeminished by the realities of the British climate in January, I planned to clean out the Nest House and New Coop.

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