A Leisurely Lunch

After a busy morning at home, I arrived at the allotment armed with a bag full of equipment and supplies for lunch. Liz wanted to give her new stove a try and I offered to bring hot chocolate to wash down her homemade minestrone soup. Knowing I would get entirely distracted by lunch, I made sure I checked on all the chickens, topping up their food and replacing their water. No one in the main coop seems remotely interested in laying at the moment which is somewhat frustrating.

Next I took my stove, base and fuel across to Liz’s plot. It took a couple of trips to get everything across but it was well worth the effort! We set up our stoves side by side. Liz had been rather taken with my stove and had finally decided to get an Ecozoom of her own! Together, we lit our stoves and sat back to enjoy the view.

The sun was out, the sky was blue and it was relatively warm, despite being February. Liz had brought out her soup and she got busy heating it on her stove. It didn’t take long for lunch to be ready – a steaming bowl of homemade minestrone soup can’t be beaten!

For the next course, I made us hit chocolate with my favourite Twinnings Swiss Hot Chocolate powder. There is simply no better hot chocolate, unless you count melting a chocolate bar and eating it… We sat and chatted about all manner of things in the way that allotment conversations usually do. Somehow we when next checked the time, it was mid-afternoon and Liz needed to head home. Packing up our stoves we declared lunch a complete success and started pondering what other delicious meals could be cooked on the stoves. With two, you could be quite adventurous!


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