Helping Others

Today, apart from feeding the chickens, Cliff, Geoff and I helped clear a half plot for a fellow plot holder. The plot needs quite a bit of work, specifically removing old bricks, broken glass and wood as well as the usual weeds. Geoff had done a great job removing some of the wood yesterday and together, we finished the job. Cliff and Geoff worked on cutting up the longer pieces, I

Cliff and Geoff worked on cutting up the longer pieces, I helped holding it in place. Armed with a rip saw, Cliff worked hard to saw through most of the thick plank. To finish it off, Cliff and Geoff held the plank whilst I jumped on it to snap it. Not necessarily the safest way of breaking the plank, but definitely the most satisfying!

I grabbed a builder’s bag and began to pick up any bits of plastic and broken pots. Between us, we cleared all the old wood, filled a bag of rubbish and removed the worst of the weeds from around the greenhouse.

With these jobs done, we decided to adjourn to Cliff’s shed for a drink. We congratulated ourselves on a job well done and I headed off home for lunch. Tomorrow’s plan is to collect 24 slabs for the back path. It’s a mammoth job but the new slabs should extend the path almost halfway along the back of the site.


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