Puddles Everywhere!

It’s been a busy week and I have only managed to get down to the allotment briefly in the afternoon to sort out the chickens. Escaping from work slightly early, I dashed down to the allotment to see what has been happening in my absence! Predictably, more flooding of the plot due to the non-stop rain we have had yesterday. Even the middle path was sodden despite the best efforts of the bark chippings.

Unbelievably, the blossom on the plum tree was starting to flower as well as the other fruit trees and bushes starting to open their buds. Hopefully, there won’t be another cold snap which would kill off the blossom and end my hopes of having plums for the third year in a row! Over on Phil’s plot, one of his trees was in full bloom – it looked absolutely spectacular!

In each of the coops, the chickens were taking themselves into bed. I managed to turf out Tommy and his girls with a bribe of sunflower seeds so that I could clean out the Nest House. As soon as they had finished scoffing their supper, then all wandered back inside. Happily, I also managed to collect three large eggs!

Over in the new coop, Leia and Flora shoved Gordon and his girls out of the way to get to the food bowl first. Honestly, you’d think that these birds were never fed! They hogged the food bowl, running around the bowl go scare off Gordon and his timid girls. I threw out a small handful of seeds for Gordon and the others while Leia and Flora polished off the remaining treats in the food bowl. With all the chickens settling in for the night, I headed home to warm up.

Over the next few days, assuming it stays dry, I will be digging over some of the beds, cleaning the greenhouse glass (and repairing it) as well as cleaning out the Nest House. However, all this depends on several days of dry weather so that I don’t sink into the muddy quagmire never to be seen again!


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