A Glut of Eggs

Today marks the beginning of spring, at least according to the chickens. They have yet to inform the weather which although bright, was quite cold and windy today. As I walked down to check on the Little Weed Destroyers, they all greeted me enthusiastically. Such a welcoming sight was only slightly spoilt by Roxy mistaking my hand for food when I reached in to retrieve the food bowl. Muttering under my breath, I took the bowl down to the main coop.

Opening the Nest House, I was greeted by a grumpy Tommy who was distinctly unimpressed at my appearance and even more so when I disturbed his girls by rummaging for eggs. I fended him off with a piece of wood I usually use to block out the chickens when I clean out the Nest House. It was worth taking my life in my hands as I managed to extract two eggs. In the run, I threw out their treats and spotted a strange shape under the platform. Upon closer inspection, the oval and green shape turned out to be an abandoned egg. I couldn’t believe that yet again, one of the Cream Legbars chose to lay on the floor.

Over in the new coop, I discovered three eggs in the nest box. Leia seems to have bullied the others into letting her rule them with an iron claw and steel beak. It’s good to see them starting to settle the pecking order. But I think Gordon is a bit put out as he is no longer in charge!

With all chickens fed and watered, I wandered back to the shed with my hands full of eggs. Suddenly remembering that I hadn’t checked the Omlet for eggs, I opened up the nest box to find two more eggs! That made an enormous total of eight eggs – definitely a record!

When I got home, I discovered Cirrus had also laid us an egg – that made nine! I suspect over the next week or so, three egg omlettes will become a regular meal!


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