An Unexpected Surprise

This evening as I wandered around the garden, shutting in the chickens, I realised I had forgotten to collect eggs! As I opened up the Silkies nest box, I found Asperitas and Cirrus closely cuddled up might be more accurate to say that Asperitas was squashing Cirrus but I prefer to think of them as snuggling up together. I fertled underneath them both and discovered an egg. To say both Asperitas and Cirrus were unimpressed is a bit of an understatement. Asperitas was so irate she attempted to peck me repeatedly. Sadly for her, it didn’t hurt as she was pecking at me through a thick jumper.

Just to seem fair, I went over to the Ancient Ones in their retirement coop and checked on them. They are wily old birds and know exactly when to take themselves to bed and find the cosiest spot inside. I spotted them cuddled up at the back of the nest box and happened to glance down into the nest. I did a double take. There in the nest was an egg. I couldn’t believe it! Both Maude and Mavis are at least eight years old and although chickens can lay until they die, eggs get increasingly rare. I had noticed that Maude’s comb was getting really red, a good sign for a chicken coming into lay. But I had no expectation that either of them would lay. But as ever, just to prove me wrong, Maude made a point of doing the seemingly impossible.

So the question is, will Mavis let the side down by refusing to lay now Maude is busy again? Or will the spring gult of eggs include regular contributions from the Ancient Ones? Watch this space!


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