Weeding, Pruning and Watering

Today, the sun was out and the sky was blue so I headed out to the allotment armed with a huge list of things to do. As I arrived and walked towards the plot, I heard a loud buzzing ahead. As I passed Phil’s plot, I discovered the source of the noise – one of the hives was swarming! There were so many bees crawling all over it and flying around it. Steve and Phil joined in watching them as we debated where the colony would go when they took off. Until they decided to move, all we could do was wait to see what would happen.

While we waited, I got busy doing some weeding on the plot. The sunshine of the last few days has really boosted their growth. With two sections weeded, I pottered across to Liz and Sarah’s plot to borrow their hose. Both the water level in the ponds had dropped and using the hose would save hauling endless watering cans to and fro. With the hose, it was quick to refill the ponds and while it was all linked up, I took the opportunity to water the plants in the greenhouse. Despite my neglect over the past few days, they are still alive and growing – no doubt thanks to Phil popping in and watering them!

When I popped back to check on the bees, they had all gone back into the hive. I don’t know why but maybe they knew the weather was about to change. In the chicken coop, everyone was busy enjoying the sunshine pausing only to impatiently demand their treats. As soon as the treats appeared, they went back to ignoring me. Sometimes, having chickens is a rather thankless task!

Back at home, Cirrus’s chicks are doing well. Over the past few days Cirrus’s broody instincts have kicked in and she is terrorising anything that dares walk past her coop. As the coop is in the dining room, this results in her freaking out each time we, or the cats, walk to the kitchen. Now the chicks are ten days old, they are developing their wing feathers. Strangely, they seem to be yellow in colour rather than white. I am sure they will be white eventually (as I don’t think there is a yellow Silkie) but for now, there are four yellow balls of fluff running around the coop. Well, that’s if you can get past Cirrus…

The plan for tomorrow is to clean out the Nest House and plant some more potatoes now that I have worked out where they need to go! Also, there is an exciting project being started on Liz and Sarah’s plot which I want to watch. They are building a solar powered irrigation system and I am keen to see how they are going to build their system. I have been diligently ordering different parts for my system but I can’t install it until I have worked out how to secure the upright posts for the pergola.

While I am trying to work out how to sort the pergola, I will just go and play with Dolly who never tires of fetch and cuddles!


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