Speed Planting

After a frantic day trying to sort out everything for a trip, I ran down to the allotment. I filled the food bowls up to the top and refreshed the water in all the coops. Nursing a minor scratch to the face courtesy of the littlest bantam in the new coop, I threw out the sunflower seeds and for good measure, some chard to keep them occupied.

In the greenhouse, all the plants are growing well and need potting on. But this will have to wait until next week – I hope they will manage! Checking the time, I realised I had just enough time to plant the remaining seed potatoes. Grabbing my hand hoe and the potatoes, I made a start. I put the second earlies, Nicola, next to the Bog Garden. This should help loosen up the soil and help remove the grass which insists on growing there. Once it was done, I had several left and I spent several minutes wondering where to plant the rest. Immediately, I discounted the ray beds by the willow as it would be lovely to grow flowers there. In the end, I planted three rows underneath the apricot tree. This leaves four large beds to plant everything that is growing in the greenhouse – it should be enough room!

A quick check of the time, reminded me that I still had jobs to do at home. I shut up the shed, said goodbye to the chickens and headed home.


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