RIP Sadie

Some sad news from the plot albeit delayed due to my being away. My husband messaged me to tell me at the end of last week that he had found Sadie dead on top of the box in the Nest House. It would appear that she had passed away in her sleep.

Sadie had a rather eventful life – she came into site as a rescue with three other hens. Someone came to the fence and begged Steve to take them. He did and for a while Sadie and her flock lived in Will’s coop. Next, she moved in with Geoff’s chickens. Unfortunately, his other girls seemed to take a very strong dislike to her and despite Geoff’s best efforts, she was constantly bullied. Eventually, Geoff asked me if I would take her. Of course, I said yes!

When she arrived, she had quite a significant wound on her back. To keep a close eye on her, I put her in with Leia and Lilja in the greenhouse. I was hoping not to separate her but both of them threw themselves at her. Fending them both off, I quickly put her into the little run and attached it to the nest box. This meant they could see each other without being able to attack. A few weeks and she was fully integrated and ready to move into a new home.

Although she was not the loudest personality, she was cheeky and had a great sneaky side. Especially when attempting (and successfully) escaping from the Nest House. Part of me wonders whether she was the one who kept laying in the poo bucket. It was just the sort of thing she would do!

Sadie was our first Araucana but definitely won’t be our last!


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