RIP Pirate Chicken

Rather upsetting news from the plot today. When my husband went down to the plot he found Roxy, our speckled Sussex bantam rescue, had passed away. She packed a huge personality into a tiny (sassy!) body and Trixie and Foxy will miss her desperately. Roxy was abandoned at the allotment gate with two other hens... Continue Reading →

Princess Chicken Gets Her Way Again

So when I arrived down on site this afternoon, I discovered that Cliff's black leghorn who have been trying desperately to save from suspected gapeworm/respiratory infection had died. It looks like she went peacefully in her sleep which is a blessing. I immediately rang Cliff to let him know what had happened. Slightly saddened that... Continue Reading →

Building a Chicken Wheelchair

So after some online research and browsing of an Austrian webpage, I discovered chicken wheelchairs are actually a thing! Unfortunately, the only place I could potentially order one for Pop was in Australia and there weren't posting to the UK currently. Undeterred, I asked on a chicken forum whether anyone else knew about wheelchairs and... Continue Reading →

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