Lucky goes home

A string of messages last night and this morning found me down the allotment early having one last cuddle with Lucky. It turns out Lucky’s concerned owner has been knocking on doors and posting online trying to find her. Somehow, one of the wonders of living in a small tight knit community, Andy knew the family. He kindly messaged to let them know that a beautiful bantam had been found and was being looked after at the allotment.

I collected Lucky from the coop, put her up on my shoulder and wandered around waiting for her owner to appear. At the gate, I found a lady with dark hair looking astonished as I walked up to her with Lucky on my shoulder. As I got closer she immediately recognised the hen, asking where we had found it. I told her the whole story as Lucky sat smuggly on my shoulder. It turned out that the owner was in such a rush to pick her up that she had left her pet carrier at home. Jumping back into the car, she dashed off home to pick it up. As Lucky and I were waiting, she decided to walk around the back of my head and lodge herself in my hood. This was what I tried to get her to do yesterday but the contrary animal only decided to do it at the most inconvenient moment, mere minutes before I was due to hand her back.

The lady reappeared and gently removed Lucky from my hood. I asked a little more about her and it turns out she is a house chicken and much loved family pet. They had managed to hatch eight and kept just the one. Due to a recent house move, Lucky had been loving outside and had managed to squeeze out of her enclosure. The poor family had been terrified she had been eaten by a fox. Due to her being an indoor chicken, they had never clipped her wings and it turns out she is a rather good flier! Before she left, I remembered to ask what breed Lucky was – a Golden Dutch bantam. I immediately memorised the name and added it to my ever growing list of chicken breeds I want to keep!

So although it was sad to give Lucky back, at least she is home safe and sound again!


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