RIP Pirate Chicken

Rather upsetting news from the plot today. When my husband went down to the plot he found Roxy, our speckled Sussex bantam rescue, had passed away. She packed a huge personality into a tiny (sassy!) body and Trixie and Foxy will miss her desperately.

Roxy was abandoned at the allotment gate with two other hens during the first Flockdown. Thanks to Cliff’s quick action, he managed to save all three of them and we kept them in a small isolation coop until we were certain they were free from disease. I took Roxy as the Warrens were picking on her. Rapidly, I discovered she was incredibly tame and loved sitting on my shoulder.

Unfortunately, the bigger chickens were very aggressive towards her so until she had a little friend to live with, I tried integrating her with the silkies at home. Needless to say it was a complete disaster. Much to the neighbours amusement, I walked back to the allotment the next morning with Roxy on my shoulder. She enjoyed every second of the attention and regularly joined me as I walked around the plot, coming running when I called her.

As she was a rescue, we had no idea how old she was, or whether she had any medical issues prior to coming to us. Roxy held a very special place in our flock, not only because she was our first bantam, but for her incredible cheeky personality and indomitable spirit. I will miss seeing her run up the plot at full pelt for treats and a cuddle.


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